Tagging Hundreds of Photos with KPhotoAlbum

18 Nov

I have been whittling away at tagging the huge stack of photos in my Pictures folder. Photos with “None” in the “Keywords” category are down to 9776 (from over 10500). This going to take a little longer than I thought!

Some KPhotoAlbum features I like:
-ability to find any tagged photo in a matter of seconds
-a very efficient tagging interface

One minor quirk I wish I knew how to fix:
-when I type in a new keyword that is a proper noun (capitalized), if it has the same initial letters as other key words in my database, it refuses to let me capitalize the new keyword unless I “left arrow” to retype the letter.

Some feature requests (which require a bit of explanation):

KPhotoAlbum already has the ability to sort the keyword/places/people lists.

Using this button will sort the keywords (or places or people) alphabetically, but will also allow you to drag and drop to make one keyword a subcategory of another keyword. This is very helpful for place names:

Using this button will sort the keywords according to which were most recently typed, which also is very handy.

A few suggestions (which I intend to add to the wish-list, once I figure out how to do so):

a) make the sorting preference of one supercategory (e.g. people) independent of the sorting preference for the other supercategories. What I mean is, I would like to keep “places” sorted in the hierarchical tree pictured above, while keeping the people and keywords sorted with the most recent ones at the top.

b) The “sort by most recently typed” option would be even handier if it was “sort by most recently typed or selected with the checkbox.” In other words, either typing a new keyword or selecting an existing one should put them at the top.

c) in my “places” supercategory, it would save a LOT of clicks and mouse wheel scrolling if selecting “Hicks Cemetery” (using the illustration above) automatically caused Watson Township, Allegan County, Lower Peninsula, Michigan, and USA to also be selected.

d) I’d like to figure out a way to use KPhotoAlbum’s slideshow as my KDE screensaver. Why? So that as the screensaver runs pictures from my folder I would be able to pause the slideshow, add tags or “tokens,” etc. (Maybe a few years down the road we’ll be able to use voice tagging… just speak the keywords, places, etc. Does that sound too lazy?)

I wish I was a programmer, and could offer code instead of just comments. Perhaps these things are already underway. I do know that Jesper Pedersen and crew are actively working toward the KDE 4 version. When new functionality begins to leave KPhotoAlbum 3.x.x behind, it may push me to take the plunge back into KDE 4. Until then, I’m enjoying a bit of productivity. We’ll see what KDE 4.2 brings in a few months.

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