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Ron Paul: Don’t let our government live beyond its means…

Ron Paul continues to speak truth and common sense to the rest of the Congress. Are they listening?? I doubt it.

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KDE 4.2 RC desktop…

f10kde4-2desktopAs usual, I couldn’t wait five more days for the official release, but installed the release candidate for KDE 4.2 on my Fedora 10 computer. (That happens to also be my only computer). I have to compliment the KDE developers on their efforts… this is now what I would call a very nice desktop environment. The “fit and finish” is much better than earlier versions, the feature set is far more complete. Thanks KDE!

Per the “yum” section on this page, I added the KDE Packaging Project’s repository to my repo list, then in a console I typed:
yum groupupdate kde-desktop
yum update

This was a major league download, but when it finished, and I rebooted, I was upgraded to KDE 4.2! (actually 4.1.96)

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What to do when KDE3 programs won’t use your Fedora 10 KDE4 colors…

install kdebase3, then type “kcmshell colors” in a console (minus the quotation marks). This will bring up KDE3’s color management module, where you can choose a similar color scheme.

Thanks to Kevin Koffler at

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