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Terminal vs. GUI for moving large number of files…

I recently learned that my daughter had a very large pile of family imagesĀ  from 2004/2005 stored on her external hard drive that were not in my collection. She allowed me to copy them onto my computer. My collection went from 14,000+ to almost 24,000! I’m already enjoying “new” memories, as I have my screensaver set to random image slideshow mode.

I discovered, however, that Dolphin does not deal well with folders containing thousands of images. Every click, every selection, every move seems to take an extraordinarily long time, especially if you forget to disable “preview.” Because of this, I decided to move the images in my 2004 and 2005 folders into “2004-Q1, 2004-Q2, etc.”, to reduce the number of files Dolphin has to think about at one time.

To do this in Dolphin usingĀ  drag and drop, you have to select the images from January to March, drag them over into the new folder, and WAIT for 10 or 20 minutes while it thinks, crunches numbers and filenames, or whatever it is doing.

To do this in Dolphin using the terminal panel (View>Panels>Terminal, or simply press F4) did the same thing in less than a second, using the following command (assuming I have clicked in the source folder in Dolphin’s GUI, as that will “cd” me into it down in the terminal panel):

mv * /home/les/Pictures/JPGs/2004-Q4

This was, of course, after I had already moved out the images from Q1-Q3 using the GUI.

Question: With my image file names like this: 4 digit year-two digit month-two digit day (e.g. 2004-09-23), how might I have structured this command to move the files from January to March into folder /home/les/Pictures/JPGs/2004-Q1?

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Fedora 11 refuses to install on my new motherboard/cpu combo…

I recently bought an ASRock K10n78m motherboard with an AMD 7750 cpu, but was unable to make F11 preview or final install, either from the LiveCD or the DVD installation media. Bummer! From the Live CD, pressing the Install to Hard Drive icon just didn’t do anything. It never started Anaconda, the installation program. With the DVD installation disc, it would always hang during some part of the installation… several times at “searching for storage devices.” It’s a shame, because I really wanted to be running Fedora 11 now. Instead, I’ll just be happy (for a while) with Mint 7.

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