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An unexpected benefit of blogging…

When I began this blog I imagined that by sharing my Linux experiences I might be helping others. What I have discovered is that I also am helping myself. By recording specific instructions and commands, it is like keeping a notebook for future reference, except one step better, since I can do a quick search for specific info, and copy/paste commands. I think they call that a serendipity.

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Sabayon 4.2 KDE was a mistake…

Sabayon 4.2 is a very beautiful Linux distribution, which is what attracted me to give it a try. Additionally, their packages are pretty close to the bleeding edge, which is what I generally prefer. Once I had it set up, I was quite happy with it, except for one thing… it is Gentoo based. I simply can’t get my head wrapped around the package management terminology and procedures, being so accustomed to apt-get and Synaptic with most of the Debian based distros I have used.

After several weeks of “wrassling” with it, I managed yesterday to bork the installation by allowing it to do a kernel update without doing the proper nvidia update that goes along with it. When I rebooted, it just gave me the black screen and a blinking white cursor in the top left corner. I did manage to figure my way out of that dilemma for a little while. (Ctrl-Alt-F1 got me to a terminal session, where I could login with my username and password, and use equo to install the nvidia driver).

However, once back on the desktop, I made the mistake of saying yes when the “equo update && equo world –ask” command wanted to clean up “unneeded” packages. Basically it removed practically all of KDE, and rebooting left the machine in an unusable, unfixable (by me) state.

Oh well. Back to Mint 7 again.

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Starting Dolphin in superuser mode…

I’ve gone round and round trying to find a way to open Dolphin as root, or superuser, in order to copy files into write-protected folders. For instance, I want to copy terrain files I’ve downloaded for FlightGear into /user/share/games/FlightGear/Scenery/Terrain. Because this folder belongs to root, I have been unable, until now, to copy anything into it.

Thanks to Bolick on the OpenSuse forums, I now know how to do this with the following command.

kdesu dbus-launch dolphin

Thanks, man!

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