Starting Dolphin in superuser mode…

11 Jul

I’ve gone round and round trying to find a way to open Dolphin as root, or superuser, in order to copy files into write-protected folders. For instance, I want to copy terrain files I’ve downloaded for FlightGear into /user/share/games/FlightGear/Scenery/Terrain. Because this folder belongs to root, I have been unable, until now, to copy anything into it.

Thanks to Bolick on the OpenSuse forums, I now know how to do this with the following command.

kdesu dbus-launch dolphin

Thanks, man!

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One response to “Starting Dolphin in superuser mode…

  1. Alexeykaramazov

    July 27, 2010 at 10:16 pm

    Thanks. I edited the KDE menu. I made copy of the old DOLPHIN launch calling it “Dolphin-Sudo” I kept all of the old parameters the same, but replaced the reference to start Dolphin with what you provided and it worked (d3lphin seems to be a variant of dolphin).
    Before it the KDE “command” was
    d3lphin %i %m -caption “%c” %u
    Afterwards the KDE “command” was
    kdesu dbus-launch d3lphin %i %m -caption “%c” %u


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