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My plan: Multiple Linux Distros happily cohabiting alongside Windows

Here is my perfect computer setup dream: 2 good sized hard-drives, one for data, one for Windows/Several flavors of Linux. This is so I can try out various Linux distros without corrupting settings and data in my main distro.  I want each operating system (on hard drive A) set up to look for data folders on hard drive B. In Linux, I’m told that it can be done using the fstab file to mount folders from hard drive B as though they were in the /home folder in each respective Linux. I’m not sure it can be done that way in Windows, but since I spend so little time there, it probably isn’t necessary. When I get this all worked out, I’ll post a how-to. First I have to get that 2nd hard drive.

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A Geek “Serial Thriller” in the making…

Many of the books that we today consider classics of literature were originally published in serial format in popular periodicals. For example, Charles Dickens’ The Pickwick Papers was a 19 part serial before it was published in whole as a novel.

I recently stumbled across and have been greatly enjoying Andy Updegrove’s The Alexandria Project. While I am no judge of literature, I have found myself rather impatient for the next installment! Check it out here. Read the author’s preface here.

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Linux Mint with KDE 4.4.1


Linux Mint 8 with KDE 4.4.1

Using Emerald’s smarald theme (with minor mod’s, mainly just to narrow the window borders), and KDE’s Arrezo workspace theme (which looks best with the translucency provided by Compiz).

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Removing Linux Mint’s Google page hack from Firefox

I know this is a revenue stream for Linux Mint, but I just can’t do without the “more options” on the normal Google search results page that allow me to  limit searches to results from the last year, or the last 24 hours, etc. So, thanks to some folks at the Mint forum, here’s a quick way to restore normal Google pages:

1) go to this page and click “add to Firefox”

2) go to Google’s home page and Right-Click in the search box. Select “add to search bar.”

3) go to “manage search engines” (click the drop down arrow on the search bar)

4) remove the old Google search engine, and move the new one to the top.

Clem, if you can come up with a way to keep all of Google’s functionality on the results pages, I’d be more than happy to keep the Mint hacks in place.


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