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Migrating from Kmail to Evolution or Thunderbird

I have spent a couple dozen hours on this in the last several days. “Akonadi server is not registered at dbus!” This is the error message from the Akonadi Server Self-Test in KDE 4.6. (But I’ve seen it in previous versions also. Many different permutations of answers to no avail. Therefore: (sob, sob) abandon Kmail in favor of Thunderbird. Big Problem: how to export mail from Kmail when it keeps throwing errors, and there is no import filter for Kmail’s maildir structure in T-bird or Evolution? Here’s my answer:
(Preface note: when the Akonadi server error pops up, DO NOT push the close button! Just move the error window to the side, and keep working as instructed below, even though the window is greyed out!)
0) Create a temporary folder on the desktop
1) Open Kmail
2) Open a mail folder you want to migrate
3) Select all emails in the folder
4) Right-click on the selected emails, select “Save As”
5) In the Save As window that pops up, navigate to your temporary folder created earlier. In the “Location” field, type the name of the folder you are migrating (e.g. “Inbox”). You do not need to add any filename extension. In the “Filter” field, make sure it says “.mbox”. Click the save button.
6) This should create a file “Inbox.mbox” in your temporary folder.
7) Repeat this for every folder you want to migrate! 😦
8) Then you will need to use Evolutions or Thunderbirds import wizard to import each individual mbox file you just created in your temporary folder.

What a pain!


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