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A film like no other…

I spend very little time and effort in keeping up with cinema, but I happened across a film recently that has really captured my attention. I am speaking of “The Fall” by director Tarsem Singh. This film is a real treat for those who are students of visual art. I must warn that there are some gruesome bloody images, particularly toward the end, which are likely the cause for the “R” rating. However, in the context of the story, and the movie as a whole, they are less disturbing than many things seen on prime time TV nightly.

There are two things I see that make this a remarkable film. First is the fantastic cinematography. Nearly every scene is a visual treat. The locations made me keep asking “are there really places in the world that look like that?” The director has a great eye for beautiful, striking landscapes and architecture, and skilfully uses them to tell his story.

The other great thing about this film is the child actress Catinca Untaru, and the director’s skilful handling of this little gem. She doesn’t appear to be acting at all, but living.

One other feature that I have appreciated is being introduced to Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7 in A Major, opus 92/II. Allegretto. This piece is featured in the opening train bridge/rescue scene, and also during the final credits. (It may have been used in other portions of the film, but I apparently was distracted by the visuals, the dialog and the story).

This is one film I would like to own. I expect I will be seeing it again. You can see the trailer on YouTube at

Now, just for those who were expecting something Linux related, this DVD plays very nicely on Mepis 8. I used the ALT-F2 command and typed in “gmplayer.” It looks great in full screen on my 20″ wide screen LCD.

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