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A new Linux convert…

I recently had the pleasure of helping an older friend set up his laptop with Linux Mint 13. He experienced some terrible virus problems with Windows XP, and was very eager for whatever I could do to prevent that from ever happening again. It took quite a little while to get him going on the new system, mainly due to his badly ingrained habits and poor understanding of good practices, but now that he’s been using it for a month or so, he’s humming along quite happily! If I can convince him that he no longer needs to keep PAYING for Juno email, I’ll consider it “mission accomplished.”

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Convert Stereo to Mono in Audacity

It is not terribly obvious in Audacity as to how to convert a stereo file into mono, but it is easy. Open the stereo file. It will show up as two tracks that are tied together. On the top left of the first track, you should see a little “x”. Just to the right of that, you should see your file name, with a little drop-down arrow beside it. Click on the arrow, and then select “Split Stereo Track”. This will separate the two tracks. Click the drop down arrow again, and select “Mono”. Now, you will need to click the drop-down arrow for the second track, and select “Mono” for it as well. Finally, go to the main “File” menu of Audacity, and click “Export”. Here, after filling in metadata such as album, date, etc., you will be given the opportunity to change the file name, choose a destination folder, and what type of audio format to convert to. If all goes as planned, you should see a warning that the two tracks will be mixed down to one mono track, and when you OK it, Audacity will make the conversion and save the file.


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