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Until about 2 or 3 days ago I had never heard of “bitcoins.” While I was scrambling around the internet trying to learn what it was all about, I ran across this statement on’s “Buy” page:

Statement from's websiteThat’s rather an interesting statement, seeing as only opened for business 2 days ago:

My email to asked this question:

“How on earth can you say is “the largest and most reputable exchange site” when their first day of trading was only TWO DAYS AGO???”

I received this reply from Bruce Wagner:

The answer is..... the REST of the sentence.... "...that we recommend..." We recommend

That's like saying "My wife is the most beautiful woman in the world... that I live with!" 
I'm guessing there's a reason recommends Tradehill, ya think?

A second email from Mr. Wagner offered more helpful insights:

And more.... Later in that same sentence... "....with any number of currencies...." 
MtGox has only USD. MtGox does not have the features and benefits of TradeHill. 
It also has some SERIOUS --- and fatal in my opinion --- flaws. 
Like the $1000 per day limit. And the $10,000 per month limit. 
Bruce Wagner  •  OnlyOneTV  •  •  646-580-0022 

Well, sounds good, but I think I'll hang onto my (non-digital) coins...
at least until Tradehill has proven themselves a little.
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Obama’s “New Deal”

Here’s a link to an interesting article by Jeff Bonn over at the Ludwig von Mises Institute regarding economic realities we are likely to be seeing soon…

“The business and economics establishment will soon call for a new New Deal, and all the socialist policies of FDR will be dusted off and respun to the unwitting public, and the years that follow will be ones of pain, high prices, and a real fall in the standard of living.

As long as our central government has the ability to dole out these favors, there will be special interests lining up to receive them.

Never underestimate the ability of human nature to line up for a handout.

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