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Anyone having troubles with Firefox on Ubuntu 9.04?

I have been experiencing regular screen freeze-ups every time I attempt to install a new plug-in or add-on to Firefox with Compiz-Fusion installed and running. This happens with Firefox 3.0.10 or with Firefox 3.5 (Shiretoko) The cpu goes to 100%, and the entire screen becomes unresponsive, including all taskbars, window closer buttons, everything. The mouse cursor will move, but you can’t do anything with it! This means rebooting with the power button every time.

As a workaround, I installed “Compiz Fusion Icon,” which toggles between Metacity and Compiz window managers. Unfortunately, you have to remember to use it BEFORE you try to install a Firefox extension! I wonder if this is related to npviewer.bin. Just a wild guess, since there’s no way to open System Monitor while the screen is frozen up!

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While I am waiting for Ubuntu 9.04…

…I have discovered a really cool browser plugin that functions as an image/video/news viewer… you’ve got to check out

I have it running beautifully on my Linux Mint 64 bit system, using Firefox 3.08, but I believe they also have versions for Windows and for Internet Explorer. Try out the “Discover” mode, where you can use it to browse news images from around the web, as well as video. The search box (top right) will allow you to search YouTube video, Google Images, Flickr, etc. Here is a screenshot:


You can get here it for your Firefox .

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