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Kmail links open two Firefox tabs…

Off and on with different distros I have noticed a strange behavior in Kmail and/or Firefox. Clicking on a link in a Kmail email will open Firefox (as it should), but with two identical tabs. That is, it opens the same page twice, simultaneously, in seperate tabs.

XiniX, over at the KDE Community forums, steered me toward the solution. In this file:


In the “General” subsection I changed

BrowserApplication[$e]=!firefox-3.5 %u



and suddenly, no more double tabs!

XiniX… you da man! Thanks!

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Terminal vs. GUI for moving large number of files…

I recently learned that my daughter had a very large pile of family images  from 2004/2005 stored on her external hard drive that were not in my collection. She allowed me to copy them onto my computer. My collection went from 14,000+ to almost 24,000! I’m already enjoying “new” memories, as I have my screensaver set to random image slideshow mode.

I discovered, however, that Dolphin does not deal well with folders containing thousands of images. Every click, every selection, every move seems to take an extraordinarily long time, especially if you forget to disable “preview.” Because of this, I decided to move the images in my 2004 and 2005 folders into “2004-Q1, 2004-Q2, etc.”, to reduce the number of files Dolphin has to think about at one time.

To do this in Dolphin using  drag and drop, you have to select the images from January to March, drag them over into the new folder, and WAIT for 10 or 20 minutes while it thinks, crunches numbers and filenames, or whatever it is doing.

To do this in Dolphin using the terminal panel (View>Panels>Terminal, or simply press F4) did the same thing in less than a second, using the following command (assuming I have clicked in the source folder in Dolphin’s GUI, as that will “cd” me into it down in the terminal panel):

mv * /home/les/Pictures/JPGs/2004-Q4

This was, of course, after I had already moved out the images from Q1-Q3 using the GUI.

Question: With my image file names like this: 4 digit year-two digit month-two digit day (e.g. 2004-09-23), how might I have structured this command to move the files from January to March into folder /home/les/Pictures/JPGs/2004-Q1?

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After a brief foray into Mandriva land…

I am now writing this from a brand new installation of Fedora 11 alpha (actually 10.91). As in Fedora 10, because I re-used a seperate /home partition, when I first booted up into the new installation, it failed to get to my KDE user desktop. I had to log in as root and issue these two commands in a terminal:

chown -R les /home/les/

chgrp -R users /home/les/

Also, while logged in as root, I disabled SELinux (Fedora’s Security Enhanced Linux security policy application.)

Then I enabled rpmfusion’s rawhide repositories using the command-line instructions for alpha/betas, etc. on the website.

Currently downloading a bazillion updates and installing my favorite apps, while listening to some nice classical music on Amarok 2.o.1!

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KDE 4.2 RC desktop…

f10kde4-2desktopAs usual, I couldn’t wait five more days for the official release, but installed the release candidate for KDE 4.2 on my Fedora 10 computer. (That happens to also be my only computer). I have to compliment the KDE developers on their efforts… this is now what I would call a very nice desktop environment. The “fit and finish” is much better than earlier versions, the feature set is far more complete. Thanks KDE!

Per the “yum” section on this page, I added the KDE Packaging Project’s repository to my repo list, then in a console I typed:
yum groupupdate kde-desktop
yum update

This was a major league download, but when it finished, and I rebooted, I was upgraded to KDE 4.2! (actually 4.1.96)

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Fedora 10 / KDE 4.1.3 screenshot…

KDE 4.1.3 on Fedora 10

KDE 4.1.3 on Fedora 10

I’m “settling in” with Fedora 10 as my main distro, and learning how to operate in this “non-Debian” environment. As I mentioned previously, Yumex has been a big help. Another application I wish I had found sooner is “Autoten,” which will automatically install things like Google Earth, multimedia codecs, Nvidia drivers, etc. That would have saved me a bunch of time and frustration.

I do appreciate having a distro that includes KDE 4.1 in the repositories, which is my only dissatisfaction with Mepis 8. It seems to me that the bulk of development effort in KDE apps these days is in the KDE 4 direction, and I am glad to have made the switch.

Probably my next desktop project will be to see about porting my email back into the KDE 4 version of Kmail (from Thunderbird). KDE PIM is a well integrated mail/calendar/newsreader suite. Now I find myself wondering why I left Kmail in the first place? Hmmm… I’ll have to read back a ways in this blog… oh yeah, it was just “wanderlust.”

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My 2nd Fedora 10 installation this week…

… on the same machine!

I was enjoying my newly discovered Yumex Thursday night, and chose to let it do a bunch of upgrades. Additionally, I thought I’d try downloading the newest Nvidia driver for my GeForce 6150 SE onboard video. Unfortunately, that little mistake “borked” my Fedora 10 installation. I tried copying my xorg.conf file over from Mepis 8 to Fedora, but no joy. I tried doing another yum update by booting up Fedora into runlevel 3 (command-line mode), but that didn’t do it either. Then I tried removing all nvidia related packages from the command line, but that didn’t help either. (Somewhere I saw an error message saying “nvidia.ko for kernel was not found.”)

The bottom line is, since I’m not much of a command line hacker, I reinstalled Fedora 10, updated 140 packages with yum from runlevel 3 (KDE was going to be updated from 4.1.2 to 4.1.3), and now I’m back in business with yumex, etc.

I think I’ll read up on the nvidia issue before trying that again. I really seem to need the proprietary drivers, as the desktop seems a little slow to respond to mouse clicks, etc.

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Fedora 10 looking better to me now…

… now that I have discovered Yumex!

I was searching all over for how to make Synaptic work. Knowing that Synaptic needed some direction as to where to go to fetch software packages, normally supplied via /etc/apt/sources.list, I found that Fedora 10’s sources.list is empty, likely due to their preference for Kpackagekit or Yum. Kpackagekit, as I have described previously, simply wasn’t working for me. I like to be able to browse, and it either doesn’t provide that option, or I was missing it somehow. Yum didn’t cut it for me for the same reason, being that it is a command-line program.

Enter: Yumex! (Yum Extender). This looks to me as though it will do the job. Actually, it IS currently doing the job… downloading 135 packages, that is… everything from Blender to GIMP to VLC… you know… the stuff I like to play with. Yumex gives a pretty nice interface somewhat similar to Synaptic in that it gives you several ways to sort and browse available packages, gives a description of each, and gives continuous visual feedback to what is happening in the download/installation process.


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Fedora 10 still ornery…

I attempted to enable desktop effects, but that made my screen go black, then white. I had to “CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE” to shut down KDE and log in again as root, navigate to /home/les/.kde/share/config/kwinrc.

There I changed




and rebooted. That got me up and running again without compositing. (Who needs wobbly windows anyway?)

I suspect I haven’t got the non-free nvidia drivers installed. I’ll have to look into that, iffen I can ever get Synaptic to run. Synaptic just won’t start. It will get as far as asking for my root password, then nothing happens. Maybe I’ll try Kpackage, if there is one for KDE 4.

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Add “edit as root” to Dolphin’s right-click menu…

Continuing to tweak my Fedora 10 installation:

I discovered that the Dolphin file manager has no “edit as root” in the right-click service menu. This is a necessary tool. A little googling provided this fix:

Open Kwrite

In the new, blank document, paste this code:

[Desktop Entry]

[Desktop Action Editassu]
Name=Edit as Root
Name[it]=Edita come Root
Name[fr]=Editer en tant que Root
Name[es]=Editar como Root
Name[de]=Als root bearbeiten
Exec=kdesu “kwrite” “%U”

Save the file with a useful name such as “editasroot.desktop” in the following directory:


Restart Dolphin and enjoy. Thanks to neverendingo at!


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Fedora 10 is being ornery.


When I tried to boot Fedora 10 this evening, I got this nasty-note when the KDE desktop should have been appearing:

“/home/les/.kde/share/config/knotifyrc is not writable”

Underneath that message was another error telling me that /home/les/ was not accessible or writable, or something like that. I decided to reboot and try logging in as root, which worked fine. While there, I opened up a terminal and fixed my writablility problems with these commands:

cd /home/ (navigates to the directory that contains my home directory)

chmod -R ugo+rwx les (giving rwx [read, write, execute] privileges to ugo [users, group, owner]) to the “les” directory. The “-R” stands for “recursive”, meaning it will also give those permissions to all files and directories within the “les” directory.

Now I am able to log into Fedora 10 as a normal user. I don’t know if it is related to this fix, or if the 36 updates I did while logged in as root did it, but I can now use Kpackagekit, and am currently attempting to download 3.0 (although it seems to be stuck at 40%… time will tell).

Synaptic still will not start. I will try to reinstall it or something.

I’m not liking KPackagekit very much yet. KPackagekit seems to expect you to know a package name before it shows you any software choices. I really like having the ability to look through all the available packages and discover new things. I guess I depend on Synaptic’s  different methods of browsing the software more than I realized.

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