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Knoppix 6 Live-CD (Adrianne)

A while ago I downloaded Knoppix 6.0. I had tried Knoppix several times in the past, the last one being Knoppix 5.3.1.

I was somewhat disturbed that it defaulted into a text-based mode… not a command line, not a gui, but something reminiscent of old DOS programs. Even more disturbing is that a synthesized voice was reading the entire page to me! After trying a few things, I discovered that you could select some graphical programs, including IceWeasel… Debian’s unbranded version of Firefox. That got me to where I could Google a bit, and I discovered that I could boot into a graphical interface by typing “knoppix” at the boot prompt.

My first attempt failed, because it proceeded to the text-based thing before I was done reading the boot prompt screen. My second attempt succeeded (hint: start typing as soon as you see the whitish screen with graphics on it)

This finally booted up into a clean gui (graphical user interface). It did not take me long to discover that the new version of Knoppix is not for me.

Gimp was at 2.4.3, instead of the 2.6.4 I have with my current Fedora 10 setup.

I know that most of the programs I use would be available via Synaptic, through the Debian repositories, but the sparse selection of programs made me wonder what was filling up that 648mb download? I suppose a great portion of it must have been the entire version of OpenOffice (3.0.1), not just Writer and Calc.

Today, I am downloading Knoppix 6.1 (the 2+ gb torrent). We shall see if it goes better.

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