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Update on Jhead…

After a little tweaking, I came up with the following Jhead command, which named 99.5% of my picture files with the following format: FourDigitYear-TwoDigitMonth-TwoDigitDay_TwoDigitHour-TwoDigitMinute-TwoDigitSecond.jpg (e.g.: 2000-05-23_21-28-26.jpg, which translates to May 23, 2000, 9:28:26 pm)

jhead -nf%Y-%02m-%02d_%02H-%02M-%02S *

I still have 28 files which had been manually renamed in ages past which jhead refuses to rename, complaining that “Possible new names for ‘filename’ already exist” I may have to rename those manually. We shall see.

On a side note, I had to separate out .bmp’s, .mov’s, .tif’s, etc. and will have to deal with them later. Jhead seems to work only with jpeg’s. Once I get the renaming and organization settled, it will be time to go to work on tagging with KPhotoAlbum.

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Jhead the Mighty

I just used Jhead to rename a majority of the 11000 pictures in my folder according to the exif date and time stamps. After installing Jhead from Synaptic, I issued the following commands in Konsole:

cd /home/les/Pictures
jhead -autorot -nf%y%m%d-%H%M%S *

Wow. Stand back and enjoy the show as hundreds of pictures are automatically renamed, so they can now be sorted by the date and time they were actually taken. Nice!

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