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Interior Racks – Jailhouse Food Carts

Interior Racks - Jailhouse Food Carts

(This pic was created in Sketchup.)

This is what our existing jailhouse food tray racks look like inside our mobile food carts. The food carts are loaded up in the kitchen, and wheeled down to the jailhouse dorms by a couple of trusties. The current carts are barely more than 3 years old, and already have been welded and repaired numerous times. They are literally coming apart at the seams. I think the manufacturer had no idea how to build for the kind of abuse these things get.

My intention is to use the existing racks, and build a far superior cart around them… at least digitally. Whether or not it ever gets built in reality is subject to budgets, chain of command, etc.

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Double Adirondack chairs

Beautiful set of double Adirondack chairs!

I saw these at the Bok Tower Gardens “Boktoberfest” this morning. Very cool! “Only” $450! Time to fire up Sketchup and draw up some plans…

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